Tom, 20, TAS

“Every young person I know is just trying to make their way on their own. That’s all I wish the Government knew and remembered – being under 25 and making that huge jump between childhood and adulthood, between growth and consolidation, between receiving education and applying it, is just bonkers.

Between seeing far too many reminders about how this generation will have to fork out the most per annum for a bachelor’s degree, how they will pay the most as a percentage of their income for a median-priced house in their chosen suburb, and the bleak outlooks for young people trying to work their way into an under-employing and fiercely competitive labour market, I am constantly inspired by the strength of character and optimism in a workplace where I am surrounded by youth, and volunteer organisations where they change lives on a daily basis.

There is so much nuance and individuality that is missed in the attention-grabbing, aggressive and negatively charged discourse around young people today. We must remind ourselves: we are always complex, we are doing our best, and we should be proud.”