Jack, 16, NSW

“I wish the government knew what I know about the mixing and sharing of cultures. I am of Eurasian descent as my mother was born in Birmingham, England and my father hails from Shanghai, China. Throughout my life, I have been exposed to a mix of Western and Chinese cultures and to me this has become a completely normal and healthy aspect of life.

Some politicians, however, do not seem to see it this way. When we read the news or watch the television, policy-makers seem to believe that different cultures are polarising and incompatible with each other. Many people believe that a healthy and valuable sharing of cultures is close to impossible. However, my life and my parents have taught me otherwise. My mixed heritage and ethnicity has taught that it is indeed possible to quite literally gain the best of both worlds: it is possible to learn about and flourish in two different cultures throughout one’s life. I just wish the government could realise that it is not necessary to separate cultures into categorical boxes in order to achieve harmony.”