Holly, 19, QLD

“I wish the government knew the financial burden that competing in high level sport, volunteering, academics, or music puts on regional students and young people.

In order to be competing in your chosen area as a regional student, you are usually expected to travel to a major city. Flights alone often add hundreds of dollars onto an already expensive activity. Due to this many regional kids are left behind, or do not get recognised as they can not afford to make it down to larger competitions.

This disparity often displays the narrative that regional students are not as educated as metro area students, when this is not the case.

As a student who was lucky enough to play sport and participate at UN events, I often had to rely on scholarships to get me from point A to B. Gaining these scholarships can often be difficult and are not always accessible to regional students.

This is further emphasised after leaving school, when you are viewed as an adult that can pay their own way.”