Chloe, 18, (and Charli, the good cat) NT

“I wish the government knew how hard it is to go through school without a lot of support. As a young girl going through school, I always was told ‘you must do your best’. I wish they knew only how hard it was being in the underprivileged side of things.

Students like me didn’t have the necessities because we couldn’t always afford it. Unfortunately that there was no help. How could students like me pass, like all the other students who had the basic necessities? During middle and high school I was always told the same ‘you must do your best’. But I wish they knew how hard that was.

Assignments that required internet access to complete was hard to take home and finish as I didn’t have that privilege. I wish the government knew how hard it was to use all the spare time I could to pass assignments.

I have recently gone through year 12 without any of those options. I wasn’t able to take home work as I couldn’t access the internet.

I found it so hard to meet these expectations of the teachers to do my best. As it was stressful enough with teachers dropping assignment after assignment on me, I still managed. But I wish the government knew about the students that slipped through the cracks. They were just like me. They weren’t offered another option of help, so they gave up.

I wish they knew that there are students out there that need help, they need more support. Students in any case need more support from the government so they are not left with the only option of leaving. Year 12 is a hard time for any student and I wish that they knew that we need more support.”