Amos, 21, SA

“I wish the government knew that young LGBTI Australians have so much to offer in the community, and that our mental health and wellbeing must be invested in.

LGBTI Australians have the highest suicide rate of any population in Australia, with a 14 times higher suicide attempt rate amongst same-sex attracted people and up to 50% of trans Australians attempting suicide in their lifetime.

You would think that our leaders would see this as a national crisis, with urgent money being injected into mental health services, anti-bullying programs, legislative reform, and public awareness campaigns.

But they’re not – they’re doing the opposite.

Perhaps I’m an idealist, but I believe in a future Australia where people from all orientations and gender identities are valued for who they are. I hope that one day, maybe following the coming out of a friend or family member, a conversation at a campaign event with a queer constituent, or perhaps even a letter that stood out from the pile, our leaders will believe in this Australia also.

Until then, all we can do is be visible, be heard, and keep applying glitter as needed.”